22 February 2022

Philanthropic Leadership Platform: India-Europe – Stage 2 – Taking stock

The Philanthropic Leadership Platform: India-Europe will start Stage 2 of the learning process on 22 February, bringing participants from the first edition of the programme to reconvene, take stock and make sense of the learnings from the four webinars that took place in the latter part of 2021.

In this session, participants will have the space to revisit their learnings with their peers in small groups. Apart from having the precious to reconnect with one another, they will look at the philanthropy sector in both Europe and India. They will also reflect on the themes of investing with both a climate and gender lens in addition to the contemporary topic of philanthropic collaboration.

The Philanthropic Leadership Platform: India-Europe, jointly organised with Asian Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN), brings together 20 mid-level philanthropy professionals from India and Europe who will gather online to enhance their leadership skills by sharing with each other their knowledge, experience, creativity and concerns.


Daniel Spiers
Programme Manager – Peer-Exchanges & Knowledge