Philanthropic Leadership Platform: India-Europe

This peer exchange programme brings together 20 mid-level philanthropy professionals from India and Europe who will gather online to enhance their leadership skills by sharing with each other their knowledge, experience, creativity and concerns. It will become a space for peer-to-peer professional dialogue as well as a source of knowledge shared by external experts on the issues in focus.

Based on the success of our Philanthropic Leadership Platform (PLP) exchanges between China and Europe, Latin America and Europe as well as Russia and Europe, Philea has launched PLP: India-Europe in partnership with the Asian Venture Philanthropy Association with support from the Children’s Investment Fund FoundationOak Foundation and Ford Foundation.



Philanthropy has a very long tradition in India. Not only is philanthropy by businesses, foundations, and wealthy individuals expanding in parallel to the growing economy and rising wealth, but newer forms of social investment are also springing up across a rapidly changing landscape. With the decline in foreign contributions due to the FCRA and existing development challenges, strengthening the domestic philanthropy and social investment ecosystem has become even more urgent. While being a part of a supportive international community will benefit Indian participants, hearing about adaptive, innovative, agile, accelerated approaches emerging in India will be truly inspirational for European participants.


When and where?

Due to COVID-19 circumstances, the programme will take place online from September to November 2021.


Which themes will be explored?

This edition of the PLP: India-Europe will be built around three themes:

  • The Climate Action module will explore how to develop investment products that align to or contribute to SDG#13; innovative solutions for climate mitigation; and challenges and opportunities around innovative financial solutions that can drive sustainable climate finance.
  • The Investing with a Gender Lens module will explore impact investing’s potential role in addressing gender equity, by applying a gender equity lens to an organisation’s entire strategy.
  • The Collaboration module will showcase collaborative, cross-sector, and systemic approaches to creating system-wide and sustainable change, and will focus on success factors for effective collaboration.


How is the programme structured?

After getting to know your cohorts and intercontinental course partner, you will dive into live online sessions every 2 weeks over a period of 2 months (2 hours per session time commitment). The programme is enhanced by recommended reading and lively forum discussions to support participants’ learning journeys. Following the programme, participants will be able to apply their learnings from the exchange in their day-to-day work.


Who is eligible?

This programme is open to philanthropic practitioners with five years of experience in philanthropy or impact investing who come from the following types of organisations:

  • Philanthropy infrastructure organisations
  • Venture philanthropy funds
  • Social investors
  • Grantmaking and operational foundations, impact investing funds

Philea members are given priority in the selection of European participants. Applicants should be fully committed to actively participating and engaging in the programme and respecting the confidentiality of other participants. The applicant’s organisation should fully support the applicant’s total participation for the duration of the programme. As the programme is conducted in English, the ability to work in English is essential.



We believe it is important to take away financial barriers to the participation of this pioneering programme. As such, there will be no registration costs for the programme.


The selection process

Philea and AVPN will make the selection of programme participants from the application pool. All applicants are notified of the final selection.


About the organisers

The Philanthropic Leadership Platform: India-Europe is organised by Philea and the Asian Venture Philanthropy Association.

The mission of the Asian Venture Philanthropy Association is to bring more capital to impact in Asia. It brings together a wide diversity of resource providers all across Asia. AVPN also believes in strengthening the exchanges between Europe & Asia – to start with India. Traditionally India has been looking more at the US for good examples and potential partnerships, but now the social investors in the country are ready to pay more attention to the developments in Europe and make connections with their European counterparts. This programme will play an important role in strengthening those links and to take a deep dive into issues of shared interest, especially in this critical time.

Philea is the platform for and champion of institutional philanthropy – with a focus on Europe, but also with an eye to the global philanthropic landscape. The Philanthropic Leadership Platform: India-Europe is part of Philea’s ongoing commitment to improving peer-learning and collaboration among its members. Through furthering its peer-to-peer learning, not only does Philea provide members with opportunities to share knowledge and know-how, but it also gathers and disseminates information, insight and intelligence on the sector. Philea looks within and beyond its membership to effectively capture and share trends and best practices in institutional philanthropy.

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Head of Research and Knowledge Development
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