24 August 2022  -  26 August 2022
Istanbul, Turkey

PEXforum 2022

The PEXforum 2022 “Driving (eco)systems change: Exploring the transformative power of collaboration in philanthropy” will take place on 24-26 August at Kadir Has University in Istanbul, co-hosted by TÜSEV and Philea and facilitated by SenseTribe.

We have witnessed some of the greatest challenges and crises of our generation in the last two years, affecting us on all personal, professional and sectoral levels. PEXforum 2022 will be an opportunity to address these challenges as well as opportunities for the European philanthropy sector.

It is high time now for us to take a moment to:

  • (re)connect with peers from other philanthropy support organisations from Europe and beyond;
  • reflect on common challenges that the philanthropy ecosystem is facing as a whole, including the legitimacy debate;
  • take a step further into more effective and impactful collaboration together for a better European philanthropy sphere.


Hanna Stähle
Head of Foresight and Innovation