19 June 2022  -  21 June 2022

OPN Summer Meeting 2022 – Innovation, Partnerships, and Aligned partner funding

The Operations Professionals Network will host its Summer Meeting for 2022 in Gaienhofen, Germany on 19-21 June, hosted by the Jacobs Foundation, to explore “Innovation, Partnerships, and Aligned partner funding”.

After more than two years of remote collaboration and more than 50 online sessions, the meeting will offer the participants of the European-level peer-learning and support network of operations managers of international philanthropy organisations a safe space for learning, exchange and discussion on key finance, IT, administration, operational, HR, legal and capacity development issues.

Through network-wide plenaries, and more than 10 topical discussions at subgroup level, the programme of the OPN summer meeting will aim to generate knowledge, inspire thinking, and exchange best practice on how operations professionals can best succeed in their roles and proactively help their organisations meet the challenges of our time.


Stefanos Oikonomou
Head of Programmes – Peer-Exchanges