2 May 2024

Futures Philanthropy – “Futures Philanthropy: Anticipation for the Common Good” – Publication Launch 

Philea’s Futures Philanthropy initiative and the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies will launch “Futures Philanthropy: Anticipation for the Common Good”, the first collaborative endeavour to translate foresight into the context of European philanthropy, online on 2 May.

The future is unfolding all around and we are in touch with it every day,  whether through the ideas we generate, the strategies and programmes we design, the partnerships and collaborations we embark on, or through the aspirations, emotions, and goals we nurture within ourselves. The future is not a distant void detached from the current moment and the journey to better anticipate and imagine it begins now. But no single approach to the future holds all the answers.

The report is a practical guide for foundation leaders, board members, philanthropy infrastructure practitioners, donors, advisors, philanthropy researchers and civil society on how to navigate the contours of the changing landscape. It provides insights into current and future risks, and opportunities and trends, as well as inspiring examples of futures philanthropy practices and is meant to serve as a tool to apply futures thinking to philanthropic practice along four principles: 

  • adopting systemic approaches; 
  • fostering trust-based collaboration; 
  • focusing on discovery; and 
  • cultivating the long view

The event will not only see the launch of the Futures Philanthropy publication, but an inclusive conversation on the aspirations of philanthropy in Europe, with a particular focus on practical applications and strategies that participants can implement within their own communities.


Hanna Stähle
Head of Foresight and Innovation