16 November 2022  -  17 November 2022
Brussels, Belgium

European Environmental Funders Group – Fair Ecological Transitions: How Can Philanthropy Strengthen the Process?

The European Environmental Funders Group will host its autumn meeting exploring “Fair Ecological Transitions: How Can Philanthropy Strengthen the Process?” on 16-17 November in Philanthropy House, Brussels.

The current geopolitical, environmental, social, and economic crises are all leading to rising inequality and poverty, and it is clear that they are interconnected and must be addressed in tandem.

The 2022 EEFG Autumn meeting will follow up the groundwork laid by Group to explore leverage points for philanthropy organisations to support and accelerate fair ecological transitions that potentially bring interconnected and multidimensional solutions to the diverse challenges our society faces today.

The outcomes from the webinar series organised by EEFG on Just Ecological Transitions in June 2022 as well as the from the 2021 Autumn meeting on Systemic Resistance to Sustainability will help feed the discussions. 


Giulia Lombardi
Senior Programme Manager – Climate Collaborations