10 November 2022

Data Science Talks – Open Data

The next Data Science Talk by the Data Science Group will take place online on 10 November looking at “Open Data” and the role it can play in foundations and their work.

Foundations across Europe are recognising the power of leveraging data, in changing the status quo and pursuing more effective philanthropy. However, a lack of available data and evidence in the sector continues to hinder engagement and collaboration. Open data can be described as a movement which aims to recognise information as an asset that can, in turn, benefit the wider philanthropic sector. To truly utilise data for social good, it requires democratisation through providing open data which is accessible and equitable.

Tania Cohen, Chief Executive, 360Giving, will present the work of 360Giving in publishing grants data in the UK and outline the wider topic of open data, specifically relating to the philanthropic sector, and how this can result in many benefits for funders.


Daniel Spiers
Programme Manager – Peer-Exchanges & Knowledge