• Philea launches membership satisfaction survey

    The survey seeks to assess the overall satisfaction with Philea’s services and initiatives, as well as the value Philea brings to the broader philanthropic community.
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  • Philea publishes “Removing Obstacles to Cross-Border Philanthropy; The Time Is Now”

    New report provides real-world examples of impacted foundations and donors, and delves into the broader legal and fiscal contexts behind each barrier
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  • Funders Forum on International Cooperation Partnerships Commits to Supporting Locally-Led Development

    The Funders Forum on International Cooperation Partnerships and Enabel, endorsed the Donor Statement on Supporting Locally Led Development, initially championed by NORAD and USAID.
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Philea nurtures a diverse and inclusive ecosystem of foundations, philanthropic organisations and networks working for the common good. We help our members to get inspired, act together and achieve greater impact by sharing data and knowledge, exchanging best practices, connecting around common themes, engaging in policy work, and more.

Cross-cutting Themes


We are now well into the 10-year countdown to slow the warming of our planet. In this decisive decade, actions taken by markets, governments and citizens will determine liveability on our planet for the next century.


Democracies across the world have faced unprecedented challenges in recent years ‒ from narrowing civic space, to curtailment of freedom and equality, to the spread of misinformation.


Philea members have pointed to striving for equality as an urgent issue that must be addressed by philanthropy now and in the coming years. Rising economic inequality has exacerbated virtually all of the problems philanthropy works on.
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