27 June 2022

Zagoriy Foundation publishes “Charity in times of war” analysing NGO and charity sector in Ukraine since the Russian invasion

The Zagoriy Foundation has published “Charity in times of war” a qualitative study of the NGO and charity sector in Ukraine since the beginning of the invasion to identify the main changes and contribute to effective development and support of the sector.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has significantly affected all life processes in the country. The charity and civil society were no exception and were among the first mechanisms that managed to quickly mobilise and adapt their work to the challenges of wartime. In the short period since February 24, many changes have taken place in the field of charity, however, all changes and developments should be systematised and verified to assess their feasibility and scale. The study seeks to analyse these changes and use the research and relevant data to help choose the most appropriate strategy for working with the sector.

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