10 April 2019

EFC supports the ”This Time I’m Voting” campaign…you can too!

The European Foundation Centre is supporting the ”This Time I’m Voting” campaign, encouraging citizens all across the European Union to get involved, and vote at the upcoming European elections in May.

The campaign is seeking to boost participation in the polls across Europe, encourage people to take responsibility for the future and to convince more citizens to actively participate in the European project. These ideals are reflected in the campaign itself, as it seeks to utilise the same citizens to carry the campaign forward, share and get involved and spread the message as far as possible.

You can support the campaign in a variety of ways:

  • Sign your organisation up to the campaign platform, https://www.thistimeimvoting.eu, to receive your personalised link
  • Promote ‘This time I’m voting’ through your own work
  • Direct your networks and followers towards the online platform using your personalised link so that they can participate in the European Parliament campaign process
  • Activate your networks to:
    – Motivate your members and staff to take the campaign on board and include it in their communication
    – Spread the campaign in a way that is context-relevant
  • Share content about the elections and campaign on social media, in your newsletter, on your intranet, etc
  • Reinforce the social media presence of the campaign: share posts and tweets that are linked to the campaign