2 August 2019

Villum Fonden launch new grants programme for interdisciplinary data-driven research

EFC members, Villum Fonden have launched a new grants programme to support research projects involving collaboration between computer science and other academic fields.

The new programme, titled the Villum Synergy Programme, will provide DKK 50 million annually to research projects, with the stated focus of driving new advances through the combination of computer science research with research in other fields. The programme will make two types of grants to interdisciplinary research. The first is an initiation project grant, intended for new, two-year collaborations while the second type is for full project grants, and intended for established and mature collaborations undertaking research projects lasting between three and five years.

The application deadline for the first programme grants is 10 October 2019.

Villum Fonden is one of the two constituent parts of the VELUX Foundations, alongside the Velux Fonden.

For more information on the Villum Synergy Programme.