5 May 2023

United Nations recognises foundations as key social economy actor in new landmark resolution on social economy

The United Nations General Assembly has adopted a new resolution on “Promoting the social and solidarity economy for sustainable development” in which it recognises foundations as part of the social and solidarity economy.

The resolution is the first dealing with the topic of social economy and represents a milestone in the development of the social economy ecosystem worldwide. Requested by the Spanish government, reflecting the leadership role of Europe in the development of the social economy, the resolution builds on the earlier resolution by the International Labour Organization concerning decent work and the social and solidarity economy, adopted in June 2022.

“This resolution is a historic milestone that envisions a horizon in which the global social economy will experience unprecedented growth. The social economy business model contributes to a fairer, more inclusive and sustainable society and economy and it is therefore not surprising that the UN Assembly calls on countries to implement this model.” explained Juan Antonio Pedreño, President, Social Economy Europe, with the recognition of foundations coming at a timely moment as we work towards the implementation of the Social Economy Action Plan alongside the European Commission.

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Photo credit: UN Photo/Loey Felipe


Hanna Hanses
Policy Manager