15 June 2022

TÜSEV publishes “Individual Giving and Philanthropy in Turkey” report for 2021

TÜSEV has published its “Individual Giving and Philanthropy in Turkey” report for 2021, analysing the sector in Turkey during 2021 and providing an overview of individuals’ perceptions of civil society organisations in Turkey, their engagement with CSOs, giving practices, and tracking behaviours and trends in these areas through time. 

A continuation of the research on individual giving and philanthropy in Turkey conducted in 2004, 2015 and 2019 by TÜSEV, the report analysed data from interviews with a representative sample of the voting-age population in Turkey and found throughout 2021, some 45 per cent of individuals reported donating either money or goods to people in need. The average annual donation increased by over 200 per cent in 2021, which the research attributes to disaster response. The report also provides a comparative analysis of the change that took place in the field of individual giving in Turkey over a 15-year period.

View the report here.