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BePhilanthropy 2023

The King Baudouin Foundation will host “Be Philanthropy” in April 2023, the successor to “The Spring of Philanthropy.” When individuals, families, organisations or businesses contribute to initiatives aimed at the common good, they become part of a long tradition that generates progress for everyone. And in these… Read More

BRIDGE Programme Retreat

The BRIDGE Programme Retreat will take place on 16-18 January in Philanthropy House, Brussels, bringing together the Chairs and co-Chairs of Philea’s Thematic Networks to engage in a joint programme to tackle common issues, increase synergies, and enhance collaboration across the thematic groups. The outbreak of the pandemic… Read More

Systems change and the future of philanthropy

How can foundations and philanthropic organisations apply a systems change lens to their work, and what is the unique role of philanthropy in bringing about systemic change? Kyrill Hartog and Teresa O’Connell, Are We Europe, spoke to Indy Johar, Dark Matter Labs;… Read More

Leveraging the work of infrastructure organisations towards regenerative futures

The next few years are a crucial moment in human history for mitigating the polycrisis. This scientifically backed timeframe has to be understood as a turning point for WHERE philanthropy is heading and HOW to coordinate the work of infrastructure organisations towards regenerative futures. 10x100 is an organising mode for agile transformation, which aims to combine short-term crisis responses with long-term systemic change. Read More

Learning from BUILD – Why it matters and how, right now

Mission-driven organisations in pursuit of social change need to be strategic, strong, persistent, agile and adaptable. But traditional funding frameworks can constrain them. The Ford Foundation’s BUILD grants provide five-year, unrestricted funding and dedicated support for institutional strengthening in order to build strong and resilient organisations that can achieve their intended impact. Read More