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Strengthening practice in challenging times

Foundations are building on their strengths to improve the ways they are tackling the multiple crises facing the world today. ACF publishes research on foundations and provides tools for foundations to use to improve their practice. Read More

Philanthropic focus on impact is undeniable, but are funding and measurement practices setting us up for success?

Most philanthropic organisations aim for North Stars (creating more just societies, and climate positive economies), yet continue funding and measuring progress in ways that are not commensurate with the ambitions of the work. Expanding the toolbox to encompass flexible funding, and plural learning practices, is urgently needed to turbocharge new social change strategies and ways of working. Read More

PEXforum 2024

The next edition of PEXforum will take place on 25-26 January 2024 in Rome, co-hosted with Acri and Assifero, bringing together philanthropy infrastructure professionals from all over Europe. More information will follow soon. Contact Alina Shenfeldt Programme Manager – Membership and… Read More

Be Philanthropy: A View from Canada

Pandemic, war, inflation and social unrest have darkened the mood in Europe. The climate crisis and global migration are putting great pressures on European societies. To be purposefully philanthropic, to be boldly engaged, as this conference reminded us, we need courage and an openness to listening and learning from each other. Read More