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Next Gen at Philea Forum 2022: The view from Brazil

Next Gens are newcomers to the sector – those either at the start of their professional careers or those who are making a career change from other sectors. The 2022 Philea Forum lasted four days, and when it ended, it was just the beginning for me. Read More

EuroPhilantopics 2022: Co-creating the Future of Europe in Difficult Times

EuroPhilantopics 2022 will take place on 6 December, bringing together Philea’s members and representatives from EU institutions to discuss how we can co-create the future of Europe in difficult times. In light of the intersecting crises we are facing, there has never been a greater need to co-create agendas and work in partnership. Read More

Conference for Nordic Foundations 2022

The Conference for Nordic Foundations 2022 “Look up – look North” will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark, from 10-11 November. The world is changing at a breathtaking pace, how can we, as foundations leverage our role, in supporting the development of a sustainable society? This year’s conference invites participants join fellow colleagues from the Nordics… Read More

Perspectives to build upon from the 21st SwissFoundations Symposium

©SwissFoundations Foundations are predestined to help quickly and unbureaucratically in crises. To make this possible in the long term, the Swiss legal system would need flexibility and openness, especially today. However, the framework conditions with which foundations are currently confronted are outdated. In his keynote address, Prof. Dr. Dominique Jakob… Read More

Philanthropy shifting towards collective approaches

The field of philanthropy is in the midst of a radical transformation. It’s shifting from a paradigm of grant-giving and an impact logic based on a highly predictable world, to one that is open to collective approaches that are promising to tackle successfully complex and interconnected global challenges. This transformation requires places to connect and learn ‒ places like the PEXforum. Read More