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Philea Forum 2022

Philea Forum 2022 The Philea Forum 2022 took place in Barcelona from 30 May to 1 June, hosted by “la Caixa” Foundation. Register to attend The night is darkest just… Read More

Media of Great Stories

The Media of Great Stories is a project seeking to share a wide spectrum of philanthropy-related articles with the public and increase and encourage social good. The stories cover topical trends in charity, the work of the third sector, and share the views of experts within the… Read More

The European Media and Information Fund

The European Media and Information Fund provides grants to researchers, fact-checkers, not-for-profits and other public interest-oriented organisations working on disinformation research and strengthening media literacy and fact-checking. The fund will support projects working on media literacy, online disinformation, fact-checking and academic research into media, disinformation and… Read More