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The importance of collecting and visualising data in the philanthropy sector

Visual mapping can be a powerful tool to communicate the impact of interventions, demonstrate the distribution of resources, and highlight areas of need. By presenting data around philanthropic efforts in a comprehensive and accessible way, visual mapping can help to engage stakeholders, build support for interventions, improve transparency, promote accountability, and drive advocacy in the sector. Read More

In times of climate crisis, we need to support local media

If a journalist’s job is to look out of the window and tell readers what is happening, disaster reporting should be easy. However, effective crisis journalism is not just about reporting on disasters. It’s also about making sure the people most directly impacted have access to the information they need on how best to find shelter, food, water and medicine. This is not easily done. Read More

Philea Forum 2023

Philea Forum 2023 The Philea Forum 2023 will take place in Šibenik from 23- 25 May, hosted by the National Foundation for Civil Society Development – Croatia. If you don’t know in which direction you are sailing, then no… Read More

How can we build a new future for journalism that belongs to all of us?

The reality of support for journalism hasn’t always matched the rhetoric – but this is starting to change, as prominent voices frame threats to journalism as a threat to democracy. But in Europe, funding for independent journalism, especially local journalism, still lags far behind the US. Sameer Padania suggests how Europe could catch up… Read More