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Fondazione 1563, in partnership with the National Museum of Italian Judaism and the Shoah, will present the REMEMBR-HOUSE project on 28 February in Ferrara, Italy, aiming to deepen the reflection on the Holocaust as a mean of building citizen awareness. The project involves the use of… Read More

Ariadne’s “2033” Annual Meeting

Ariadne will host Ariadne’s “2033” Annual Meeting in Berlin on 28-30 March, exploring the signals, challenges, and visions for how philanthropy should show up now, in 2023, in order to create this brave new world for 2033. It’s 2033, and we’re in the… Read More

Art of Fundamental Rights

Philanthropy House welcomes its new exhibition “Art of Fundamental Rights” by Nyt Europa from 1 December to 1 July 2023, consisting of seven artworks by professional artists from across Europe, each interpreting the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights through different art forms. Over time, art… Read More