12 April 2018

Third Joint Conference of the EFC European Foundation Financial Investment Officers Group (EFFIO) & US Foundation Financial Officers Group (FFOG)

The third joint conference of the EFC European Foundation Financial Investment Officers Group (EFFIO) & US Foundation Financial Officers Group (FFOG) took place from 4-6 April 2018 at the Fondazione Cariplo Congress Centre in Milan, Italy.

Under the title ”Foundation Endowments: Navigating through a World of Risk”,  the conference brought together 101 Chief Finance and Investment Officers from around 70 of the largest endowments from Europe and North America, representing a collective asset base worth in the region of €360 billion. The conference provided delegates with a forum for networking, information exchange, and learning on investing in an increasingly complex global marketplace – in an atmosphere of mutual trust and confidentiality.

The conference programme explored the risk landscape and global trends foundations as institutional investors face today and set out a suite of strategies, insights, and foresight – a compass – to better navigate a world of uncertainty and risk.

Some of the key questions raised included:

  • What are the main risks bringing forth challenges for institutional investors? Are these risks interconnected?
  • How is climate change building up financial risk in the system?
  • What does the return of geopolitics and great power rivalries mean for investors?
  • What are the lessons to learn from financial history on risks and returns?
  • Does the emergence of connected assets and digital transformation fuelled by the Internet of Things have implications for investing?
  • What are the main criteria’s informing impact investing? Are there differences between US – EU approaches and broader impact investing culture?
  • How worried should investors be about inflation?