30 March 2021

“The Silk Road: A Living History” exhibition by Aga Khan Foundation opens 8 April

“The Silk Road: A Living History” exhibition, by the Aga Khan Foundation, celebrating the cultural diversity of the Silk Road, and comprising 160 photos by Christopher Wilton-Steer, opens on 8 April in Granary Square, Kings Cross, London.

The exhibition documents Wilton-Steer’s four month, 40,000 km overland journey along the historic trade route undertaken in 2019. He began his journey from London’s King’s Cross where the show will be staged from 8 April 2021 and run until 16 June.

The show aims to celebrate the diversity of cultural expressions found along the Silk Road, highlight examples of historical practices, rituals and customs, and reveal the complex connections between a number of different cultures along the route. Photographs from Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, India, China and elsewhere all feature in the exhibition, alongside visits to Aga Khan Development Network projects and initiatives along the route.

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