29 April 2019

IKEA Foundation provides €33 million endowment to Ingvar Kamprad Design Centre at Lund University

The IKEA Foundation has provided a €33 million endowment to secure the development of the next generation of industrial-design professionals at the Ingvar Kamprad Design Centre at Lund University.

The endowment, conducted in memory of the founder of IKEA, Ingvar Kamprad, will enable the Lund University School of Industrial Design to maintain its work in educating and developing young designers, who will go onto play an important role in developing creative and environmentally friendly products for the future.

The endowment is part of a long history between the School of Industrial Design at Lund University, and the IKEA Foundation, who have provided funding for over 20 years. As part of this support the IKEA Foundation has established a new foundation “The Ingvar Kamprad Design Foundation (IKDF)” which will be managed by the board of Lund University and aims to support education, research, teaching and administrative staff at the school.

For more information on the endowment visit here.