9 April 2019

The Economist features the EFC’s ”Data on Foundations” map in their Digital Philanthropy Toolbox

The Economist has recently released their Digital Philanthropy Toolbox and have included the EFC’s ”Data on Foundations” map as part of the toolbox.

The toolbox is a collection of online tools and resources for philanthropists, non-profits and social impact actors that have been collated into an interactive dashboard by the Economist, with the help of BNP Paribas Wealth Management.

The ”Data on Foundations” map, released in its current form in 2016 , provides access to detailed information on the foundation sector in European countries, plus additional information on the sector in other world regions.

Each country can be clicked upon and data can be found on:

  • Information about EFC membership in that country
  • The country profile, which includes facts & figures on the sector, such as total assets, expenditure, employment figures, and more*
  • The EFC’s detailed legal and fiscal profile on the operating environment for foundations in that country
  • News and events related to the sector