10 March 2019

The Active Citizens Fund In Greece, a new grants program operated by the Bodossaki Foundation has been launched

The Active Citizens Fund in Greece is a new EEA Grants programme aimed at supporting civil society in Greece and reducing social and economic disparities in south and eastern Europe, operated by the Bodossaki Foundation.

The new fund, launched in Athens on the 20th February, will be supported by a €12m grant from the EEA Grants program, with €2,904,000 already earmarked for funding projects supporting the empowerment of vulnerable groups and another €1,970,000 available for programs that strengthen civil society advocacy.

The Bodossaki Foundation, an EFC member since 1996, manages the new fund, working in consortium with SolidarityNow. The President of the Board of Bodossaki Foundation, Dimitris Vlastos, stated at the launch that ”Taking the responsibility of managing the Active Citizens Fund is a great honour and challenge for the Bodossaki Foundation, as it builds on the work accomplished through the previous EEA Grants NGO programme.”

For further information on the new fund visit here.