12 March 2020

Take the Coronavirus EFC survey and share your organisation’s response

Over the past days many EFC members have asked us what other members are doing and how are they reacting in light of the fast-evolving developments of coronavirus (COVID-19). This is why we would like to ask you to dedicate a few minutes of your time to reply to some questions as soon as possible, and by the latest 27 March 2020. Your responses are very important and will be used to give you an overview of how foundations are reacting in their different countries. The survey addresses three areas:

  • Your current internal policies
  • Your existing activities
  • New initiatives as a result of coronavirus

Based on the findings our aim is to create connections amongst members and to stimulate thinking and action on what role our sector can play in this global health and economic emergency.

As the situation is evolving on a daily basis If you would like to update the response after submitting while the situation evolves, or if you have any question, please contact Lucia Patuzzi at the EFC on lpatuzzi@efc.be