3 March 2019

Take part in an online survey on sustainable diets for the Su-Eatable LIFE project

In support of the Su-Eatable LIFE project an online survey has been launched so as to provide a better understanding of what people know about sustainable diets.

The survey takes approximately 10 minutes to complete and is looking for responses from people with a wide range of experiences and perspectives, including citizens, students, scholars and people with expertise in the food and sustainability sectors.  The results will contribute towards developing effective engagement solutions for promoting the wider adoption of sustainable foods to so as to decrease the environmental impact of food production.

The survey is being conducted in support of the EU-funded Su-Eatable LIFE project, a three year program aiming to reduce the environmental impact of food choices in the EU by reducing CO2 emissions and water usage through increasing citizens’ awareness and involvement in sustainable food ventures.

The project is led by the Barilla Center for Food and Nutrition in partnership with greenApesWageningen University and the Sustainable Restaurant Association.

The survey closes on the 15th March.

To take part in the survey visit here.