7 April 2020

Stavros Niarchos Foundation announce Global Relief Initiative of $100 million to address the impact of COVID-19

The Stavros Niarchos Foundation has announced the Global Relief Initiative, dedicating $100 million towards addressing the unprecedented challenges and impact posed by COVID-19.

The pandemic has wide-reaching socioeconomic implications and this new initiative forms part of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation’s commitment to helping to address the pandemic’s many dimensions. The initiative will focus on both the short and long term issues related to the pandemic.

Special attention will be payed to the situation in Greece, as it is particularly vulnerable to the economic and social impacts of the pandemic, but the initiative will mainly aim to support work aiding physical wellbeing, mental health, and the socioeconomic welfare linked to both across the globe. This entails working with organisations addressing the mounting psychological needs arising from the pandemic and working to strengthen the social safety net and associated systems that encourage recovery.

Further funding will go into medical research with support for research efforts being focused on effective testing, treatment, and prevention. An grant of $3 million has been provided to The Rockefeller University to support the institution’s research related to COVID-19.

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