6 February 2020

Press release: EFC launches call for input for latest mapping of European environmental funding

Brussels, 5 February 2019 – The European Foundation Centre’s European Environmental Funders Group is launching a call for input for the fifth edition of its environmental funding mapping, building upon the success of the fourth mapping in 2018, one of the most comprehensive study’s to date into the state of European philanthropic funding for environmental issues.

As with the previous editions, the mapping is intended to raise the profile of environmental funders, build understanding of the sector, improve coordination, and provide analysis that informs discussion of effectiveness in environmental grantmaking.

The EFC plans to expand the coverage in the 5th edition, by collecting more comprehensive data, covering more foundations working on the environment, and more grants in order to provide a better overall picture of the funding landscape in Europe.

The fourth edition covered 87 foundations and 4,093 environmental grants across 131 countries, totalling €583 million in funding in 2016.

The call for input is available on the EFC website: https://philea.eu/news-post/call-for-input-for-the-5th-efc-mapping-of-environmental-funding-by-european-foundations/.  Environmental funders interested in contributing should contact the EFC on eefgmapping@efc.be.  The deadline for submissions is 31 May 2020.