15 April 2021

The Philanthropic Leadership Platform: Russia-Europe participants explore community regeneration and economic recovery

Read the highlights from the following session on 29 April

The latest webinar of the 2021 Philanthropic Leadership Platform: Russia-Europe peer exchange programme took place on 8 April. The event, “Community regeneration and economic recovery”, focused on good practices in building longer-term visions for stronger communities and structural economic change. Participants reimagined what a good society and people-centred economy should look like and discussed specific roles philanthropy can play to make this happen.

Speaker Vesna Bajsanski-Agić, Executive Director of the Mozaik Foundation, shared her organisation’s experience with fostering social entrepreneurship as well as the foundation’s response to the Covid-19 crisis. Among the key learnings was the importance of investing in efforts to address the root causes of the current problems we face, rather than their symptoms. Participants also discussed how to promote people-centred policymaking, and how to build collaborations to ensure that all stakeholders – decision-makers, companies, communities, etc. – can work effectively together when it comes to community regeneration and economic recovery from the current crisis.

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