12 April 2024

Philea releases briefing on role of philanthropy within EU rule of law mechanism

Philea has released a briefing on the role of philanthropy and wider civil society within the EU rule of law mechanism. It dives into the various mechanisms, including the annual rule of law report, the rule of law conditionality mechanism and the Article 7 procedure and infringement proceedings.

There is a strong connection between rule of law and civil society space, as democratic societies with a strong rule of law contribute to a favourable enabling environment for philanthropy and wider civil society, and vice versa. Philanthropy engages in different ways around rule of law. Some foundations run their own programmes to promote and strengthen the rule of law. Other foundations support initiatives from partner organisations on the rule of law. Philea raises awareness and spreads information on the rule of law mechanism, and engages directly in the annual rule of law report, together with wider civil society.

Read the briefing.


Hanna Hanses
Policy Manager