10 May 2021

Philanthropic Leadership Platform: Russia-Europe participants dive into digitalisation

Read the highlights from the following session on 20 May

The latest session of the second edition of the Philanthropic Leadership Platform: Russia-Europe, undertaken in partnership with the Vladimir Potanin Foundation, saw 20 participants dive into digitalisation on 29 April and discuss the opportunities and the challenges presented by the digital age and digitalisation process.

The session featured a short presentation by Roman Sklotskiy, Vladimir Potanin Foundation, on a new study by the foundation looking at the process of digitalisation within the non-profit sector. Digitalisation has become a buzzword to many through the pandemic and while it is often claimed as a solution for all the problems facing NGOs today, for many it is simply an additional issue they need to deal with. The presentation however demonstrated a number of promising strategies being used by NGOs to bridge the digital divide, achieve digital transformation within foundations, and build the digital capacity of grantee partners.

Roman’s presentation was followed by breakout sessions for the participants to discuss the opportunities and challenges digitalisation brings and explore how to are address these challenges and tap into the opportunities presented. The sessions also offered a chance for participants to explore together what digitalisation might mean to their organisations, the solutions it may offer, challenges it may surface, and the skills they may need to focus on or encourage to ensure the process is done efficiently.

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