19 February 2020

PEXforum 2020

Our Europe-wide event, “PEXforum 2020” was held on 23-24 January 2020 in Madrid, Spain. More than 120 people left Madrid empowered by the experience of contributing to building a new peer community that has so much to offer for each and everyone involved in the European philanthropy infrastructure. We collectively identified challenges and opportunities for the sector, shared best practices and insights, explored concrete projects and invited others to collaborate.

Discover or reminisce about the PEXforum 2020 through our video report or through our PEXmagazine which summarises the event with beautiful visuals, vivid quotes, links to blogposts from the participants and short case-studies that were presented at the PEXforum 2020.

PEXforum 2020 IDs


Hanna Stähle
Head of Foresight and Innovation