16 June 2020

PEXmagazine has been launched!

“The potential [of PEX] is to strategically align the position of each of the networks locally but also at the European level, and you only align, when you do it from your heart.”

Isabelle Le Galo Flores, Daniel & Nina Carasso Foundation

You only align when you do it from your heart. This is at the core of what drives the very existence of PEX, Philanthropy Europe Networks. Five months ago the European philanthropy community came together for the very first PEXforum in Madrid because we felt the need to discuss the urgent challenges our societies in Europe are facing, and what role we can play as philanthropy networks in addressing and responding to these challenges. 

This PEXmagazine – created by DAFNE and SenseTribe – aims to give more than just a flavour of what happened in Madrid. It illustrates the spirit of collaboration, creativity, exchange, and diversity that makes PEX so effective in empowering European philanthropy. The past few months of crisis have further heightened the need for such increased collaboration and exchange, as pre-existing inequalities and vulnerabilities are exacerbated and new ones created. With European foundations adapting to more flexible, agile and proactive operations, philanthropy networks have a special role to play in strengthening the field, communicating the value of the sector, and creating a space for innovation.

We are grateful to those who were part of the PEXforum 2020, and we hope you feel proud of the ideas, insights, and projects that have emerged. The “Road to Istanbul”, where PEXforum 2022 will take place, will be equally shaped by the PEXcommunity, bringing together their wealth of knowledge and experience of philanthropy in Europe. We therefore invite everyone in the philanthropy infrastructure ecosystem who feels inspired by PEXmagazine to join this journey and contribute to what makes philanthropy across Europe so rich: a real community leading the field.

Click here to view a pdf of the magazine.