21 January 2021

“Our Goals” initiative publishes indicators for measuring SDG progress in Denmark

The “Our Goals” initiative has presented the results of a comprehensive process spanning over 11 months, 23 debates and workshops, a dedicated digital collaboration platform, 52 experts and the processing more than 6,000 inputs from corporations, organisations and citizens to share 197 indicators for measuring the progress towards the SDGs in Denmark.

The initiative started in 2019 by the 2030 Panel and the Danish national statistics agency, Statistics Denmark, set out to make the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals more Danish, more local, more tangible to society and help to outline a more sustainable future for Denmark. The 197 indicators are the result of this process and the instigators of the initiative “hope that the indicators will inform policy-making on a national level and indeed inspire other countries to develop their own local indicators.”

The initiative was conducted in collaboration with EFC members Lundbeck Fonden, Nordea-Fonden and Realdania, alongside other foundations in Denmark, including the Danish Industry Foundation, Ramboll Fonden and Spar Nord Fonden.

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