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University Fund Wageningen

The Wageningen University Fund has since its inception in 1951 been organising and funding activities that reward and stimulate excellent education and research.


To reward and stimulate excellent education and research. This includes stimulating the academic development of students. The activities concern those that fall outside regular financing and that strengthen the unique character of Wageningen University.

Programme Areas

Promoting the strength and growth of Wageningen University’ is the task that the Wageningen University Fund has set out to fulfil. In order to realise this goal, the fund provides financial means and support to Wageningen University students and staff.
Examples of the Wageningen University Fund activities are:

– Stimulating the international development of students by subsidising international student activities;
– Awarding prizes to students, staff and others active in the Wageningen University domain for their excellent and exceptional accomplishments;
– Managing pioneering research- and education projects that can not be realised within the regular activities of the university.

A changing economic climate in education and research will lead to an enlarged need for more contributions from third parties in the near future. In order to continue to promote the strength and growth of Wageningen University in this gradually changing climate, the Wageningen University Fund will develop a strategic plan for the coming years. The fund will continue to stimulate and collect donations from alumni and friends of Wageningen UR, for instance, through personalised gifts managed in a Fund on Name. A larger change in management approach already in gear is to collect funding for pioneering (research) projects within Wageningen UR. These are projects for which there is no regular financing available. Currently, the fund is responsible for the financial- and project management of the research projects that encompass large gifts in the ‘Food for Thought, Thought for Food’ campaign.

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