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TrustAfrica, first known as the Special Initiative for Africa, began in 2001 under the aegis of the Ford Foundation. The premise was that Africans need a greater voice in the international donor community as well as philanthropic resources that Africans control. In 2006, TrustAfrica became a truly African foundation with the opening of new headquarters in Dakar, Senegal. The Ford Foundation continues to provide support, but the organisation is now independent and governed solely by Africans. TrustAfrica works mainly through collaboration and partnership with like-minded institutions and donors, and promotes good governance and management practices among African NGOs.


To strengthen African initiatives that address the most difficult challenges confronting the continent.

Geographic Focus


Programme Areas

TrustAfrica is active in the following areas:

• Democratic Governance
• Equitable development
• African philanthropy

• Grants

Democratic Governance
Secures the conditions for democracy by strengthening the capacity of civil society organizations and by ensuring that citizens are fully engaged in governance processes—not just in their respective countries but also at the regional level.

Equitable development
Supports initiatives to foster African enterprise and extend the benefits of economic growth to all members of society. This includes:
– Agricultural Development Project
– Higher Education Reform
– Women’s Rights
– Investment Climate and Business Environment (ICBE) Research Fund
– Early Learning Innovations

African philanthropy
Seeks to align external philanthropic resources with African agendas as well as to cultivate indigenous resources that support the continent’s own priorities for democracy and development.

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