Third Sector Foundation of Turkey Bankalar Caddesi Nº2. Minerva Han Kat:5 Karaköy 34420 Istanbul Turkey

Third Sector Foundation of Turkey (TUSEV)

TUSEV was set up in 1993 by 23 leading foundations and associations in Turkey. TUSEV now has over 110 organisations in its network. It is a private, non-profit foundation set up to promote the third sector in Turkey at national and international levels. It is an officially recognised, non-religious and non-political foundation independent of the state and governed by private statute with its own endowment.


To strengthen the operational, legal and fiscal infrastructure of the third sector in Turkey.

Geographic Focus

Turkey and international

Programme Areas

The foundation seeks to achieve its mission of strengthening the third sector in Turkey through its four main programme areas:

• Civil Society Law Reform: Enabling Civil Society
• Social Investment: Promoting Strategic and Effective Giving
• International Relations and Networking: Fostering Linkages
• Research and Publications: Assessing and Understanding the Sector

National Activities
Develops and distributes key reports and updates on legislative issues and changes; conducts research on civil society and philanthropy; organises meetings, seminars and conferences on topics regarding third sector development; provides consultation to NGOs on matters regarding regulations and formation; promotes local donor activity.

International Activities
Participates in research programmes with international foundations and NGOs; develops/produces literature for the international community regarding the third sector in Turkey; organises meetings, seminars and conferences with international foundations and NGOs on topics regarding the third sector; participates in networks such as Worldwide Initiatives for Grantmaker Support (WINGS), World Alliance for Civil Participation (CIVICUS), International Society for Third Sector Research (ISTR) and the European Foundation Centre (EFC); collaborates with institutions such as the World Bank on strengthening civil society dialogue; and organises activities to encourage/facilitate closer links between Turkish foundations and NGOs and foreign foundations and NGOs. Also provides support to foreign foundations wishing to make grants/operate in Turkey.

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