The Ethos Foundation 18 Buckingham Palace Road SW1W 0QP London United Kingdom

The Ethos Foundation

The Founders are Grant and Brigitte Gordon.
The Foundation’s giving is informed by a multi-generational family commitment to philanthropy.


To support local communities and UK society in general.
Knowledge – learning every day
Sustainability – building a lasting legacy
Humility – staying grounded

Geographic Focus

No geographic exclusions; current programmes focus on UK, with particular interest in London and Scotland

Programme Areas

PHILANTHROPY INFRASTRUCTURE IN THE UK: The Beacon Collaborative increases UK philanthropy and social investment through peer influence, public awareness, professional advice, political engagement, and research into giving and social investment.
CHILD POVERTY IN LONDON: The Childhood Trust provides matching funding for projects that operate throughout London and help to provide vital support to children living in poverty.
HERITAGE: The Cabrach Trust works to regenerate a thriving, sustainable community with its history, heritage and place in Scottish history celebrated and shared by all, through the creation of a Heritage Centre and historic working distillery providing much-needed local employment.

Grant Making
The Foundation does not accept unsolicited grant applications or proposals for funding.
The Foundation normally applies its annual income to charitable causes proactively selected by its trustees. Grant-making decisions aim to honour the family’s historical philanthropy and to make a positive impact going forward.
From time to time, the Foundation may identify new focus areas and conduct research and due diligence to identify charities and programmes best placed to make a difference. Those identified will be invited to apply for support. The Foundation will work with prospective grantees in preparing materials and developing proposals for review by the trustees.
Grants are normally made to a registered UK charity or CIO. The Ethos Foundation will generally not fund:
Fundraising events
Medical causes or scientific research
Religious causes
Animal-related causes

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