Svenska Kulturfonden Simonsgatan 8 A, 5:e våningen PB 439 00101 Helsingfors Finland

Svenska Kulturfonden

Svenska kulturfonden (Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland) was established in 1908, at a time in history when the right of the Swedish-speaking population to use their own language and have their own culture was at risk. Today, the foundation plays a bridging role in a bilingual society, and, through its work, wants to enhance the understanding of the value of living in a country with two languages.


To support and strengthen the culture and education of the Swedish-speaking minority in Finland.

Geographic Focus

Primarily the coastal areas of Finland where Swedish is spoken as a mothertongue. Cooperation with and support to projects in the rest of the country as well as the Nordic countries and the rest of Europe.

Programme Areas

The work of the foundation is divided into five lines of action:

• Arts and culture
• Education
• The Swedish language
• Social cohesion through NGOs and other third sector associations
• International activities

Annually, they contribute around 33 million Euros of funding. and about 8,000 applications are received annually.

According to the rules and regulations of the around 460 individual funds that together form the Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland, the foundation awards grants both to institutions, associations and individuals with educational and cultural activities and interests. In addition to its grant making activities, the foundation initiates larger projects in the fields of culture and education, organises conferences on varying themes for key froups, and awards a number of prizes each year.

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