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Stichting Edukans

Edukans’ origine in 1879 was involved in the establishment of christian schools. From the 1960s, they became involved in supporting schools and educational projects in other countries. Edukans fully developed in 2002, when the organisation chose the more neutral name “Edukans” to express that the organisation supports projects without excluding anyone based upon race, religion or sexual orientation. They are now educational experts in the development sector.

As experts focused on education, Edukans believes that:
– Education is the key for development; building a better future starts with education as a foundation.
– Education is a fundamental human right and it is an indispensable bridge to all other human rights.

With education, people acquire and share insight and skills to permanently develop and contribute to a better world. Edukans believes that everyone is entitled to good education as it gives opportunities to bring out the best in themselves and thus contribute to a more humane society.


Worldwide, Stichting Edukans is creating opportunities enabling children and young people to shape their futures with confidence.
It is their mission:
– To realise quality education for marginalized people.
– To equip teachers with skills to make impact and to built resilience and confidence with learners to absorb knowledge.
– To mobilize awareness (citizenship) and support in society, especially support by the educational sector.

Geographic Focus

Ethiopia, Malawi, Kenya and Uganda with local office; Ghana; Other countries (collab with other NGO)

Programme Areas

For primary education (including Education in Emergencies for refugees), Edukans increases learning achievements: pupils round off their school career through quality education, with impactful learning and life skills at the centre with:
– STAR school model for wholistic school development;
– Teaching with Impact trainings for teachers;
– Social Emotional Learning modules;
– Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights trainings.

Edukans also provides for job fit skills, by bridging the gap between education and the marketplace, offering disadvantaged youth the skills to pursue a job that allows them financial independence.

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