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PeaceNexus Foundation

PeaceNexus was founded by Anne Gloor and has been supported since its inception by an endowment fund granted by the philanthropist Hansjörg Wyss through the Wyss Foundation.

The PeaceNexus core mission is to provide peacebuilding-relevant actors – multilateral organisations, governments, non-profit organisations and business actors – with expertise and advice on how they can make best use of their peacebuilding role and capacity to help stabilise and reconcile conflict-affected societies. The tailored advisory services and advocacy activities are complemented by a grant-mechanism that promotes innovative ideas and organisational development for peacebuilding agents of change.

PeaceNexus specialises in identifying relevant and cutting-edge expertise, making it available to actors for peacebuilding, and structuring, sequencing and accompanying the advisory process. The support the Foundation provides is demand-driven, whilst it seeks to engage with influential and innovative peacebuilding actors to boost its own impact.


PeaceNexus’ mission is to strengthen the competencies and collaboration of organisations to increase their effectiveness and contribution to building peace.

Geographic Focus

Work at the international level and in four focus regions: West Africa, Western Balkans, Central Asia and South East Asia

Programme Areas

PeaceNexus provides services to multiply the peacebuilding impact of their partners through:

– organisational development for peacebuilding champions;
– developing capacities for conflict sensitivity, and
– supporting inclusive dialogue with business and other partners to develop solutions to local peacebuilding challenges.

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