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Nordea-fonden was established when 3 major banks merged and turned into a limited company. The capital of the banks were the funding capital for the foundation. There is no organisational relationship with the commercial bank Nordea AB. The only relationship today is, that the predominant part of the capital in the foundation is invested in Nordea AB, which makes the Nordea-fonden the second largest investor in Nordea AB. All of profits arising from the invested capital are donated to non-profit purposes.


To promote good quality of life in Demark, through support and engagement in a non-profit charity.

Geographic Focus

Within the boundaries of Denmark

Programme Areas

Under the current strategy (2013-15) our effort and donations are focused on four themes: Nature, Culture, Health and Sports.
They also provide grants for Danish students to study abroad.

Nordea-fonden support projects to get Danes to spend more time in nature in urban and rural areas. The aim to improve access to natural areas, through infrastructure and other methods, such as educational classes in forests or city parks.

The organisation backs projects that promote health, focussing on food as a central feature of health and quality of life. They aim to support projects that: promote healthy eating habits by spreading knowledge and awareness of produce, crafts, taste and appreciation of cuisine in school, at home and leisure.

They encourage participation in arts and culture, in order to strengthen the populations sense of creativity and playfulness in everyday life. They endorse this through the mediums of music, dance, film, visual arts and cultural heritage.

Nordea-fonden fund and support activities that promote exercise, play, recreation and physical activity in general. They focus and value projects that: encourage all to engage in sports and physical activities, educate and share knowledge on exercise and outdoor activities.

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