National Foundation for Civil Society Development- Croatia Strigina 1a 10000 Zagreb Croatia

National Foundation for Civil Society Development – Croatia

Nacionalna Zaklada za Razvoj Civilnoga Drustva is a public foundation founded by a special act passed by the Croatian Parliament on 16 October 2003. The foundation carries out a mix of operating and grantmaking activities funded by the Croatian lottery, state budget and EU funds.


To promote and develop civil society in Croatia.

Geographic Focus

Croatia and Central and Eastern Europe

Programme Areas

Goals that the National Foundation aims to achieve through its activities are:

– Encouraging citizens to action, involvement and participation in community development;
– Building the capacities of civil society;
– Development of cross-sectoral cooperation and cooperation between civil society organisations;
– Increasing public influence and visibility of the work of civil society organisations;
– Development of social entrepreneurship and employment in the non-profit sector;
– Increasing the influence of civil society in the process of adopting public policies.

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