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MSI Reproductive Choices

MSI is one of the world’s largest providers of contraception, family planning and abortion services to women and girls in the poorest communities, supporting over 80,000 people every day to access reproductive choice. We work across 37 countries, often in very challenging social, political and geographical contexts, and in many of world’s remotest corners we are the only provider that women and young people can access a service from. While we leverage donor funds to reach the most marginalised communities, we’re also building commercial approaches so we can create sustainable models which will ensure essential reproductive health services are available for the long term. We know that investing in universal reproductive healthcare will unleash the full potential of women and girls, changing their lives, their communities, and the world. More than 1 billion women of reproductive age, including 350 million adolescent girls, are living in low- and middle-income countries. Like all of us, their access to reproductive healthcare is unequivocally linked to opportunity: to stay in school, pursue financial independence, have healthier families, and positively transform their communities. In 2022, MSI reached over 21 million people worldwide with reproductive health and choice, against a backdrop of seismic change such as the Roe v Wade reversal in the US, and fragile health systems recovering from the pandemic globally.


MSI will fight for a future where everyone can access contraception and abortion. By 2030, no abortion will be unsafe and every individual who wants access to contraception will have it.

Geographic Focus

37 countries across Africa and Asia

Programme Areas

Citizenship, Social Justice & Public Affairs,
Civil society, Voluntarism & Non-Profit Sector,
Human/Civil Rights,
Social/Human Services,
Socio-economic Development, Poverty

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