Montessori Group 4/4a Bloomsbury Square P.O. box: WC1A 2RP London United Kingdom

Montessori Group

The Montessori Group offers world-class training from diploma to degree level, partnerships, quality assurance, social impact and support for families and practitioners alike.


To encourage and promote education in every way, in particular the education of children in accordance with the philosophy and methods of the late Dr Maria Montessori, by facilitating the unification of the Montessori movement across the UK, providing relevant training and funding research into the value and effectiveness of Montessori education, and making awards to support the development of Montessori education.

Geographic Focus

UK and worldwide

Programme Areas

1. Building teacher training capacity in-country via teacher training across a whole range of delivery mechanisms.
2. Working with Governments and others to improve quality education provision.
3. Support for families and home educators, especially those from the most disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds
4. Influencing policy makers through partnerships with other international organisations.
5. Montessori and Leadership to promote and support globally responsible leadership.
6. identifying and supporting quality education through a collaborative and supportive quality assurance scheme.
7. Education for sustainability and peace programmes with global partners.

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