Moleskine Foundation

The Foundation operates as an independent self-governing organization, but thanks to our partnership with the Moleskine brand we are able to ensure 100% of the funds raised go directly to support our programs.
In our work we promote a new philanthropic model of operation: by considering both “what” we do and “how we do it” we want to liberate creativity, develop creative skills and support our communities to drive greater social impact beyond the traditional philanthropic approach. In particular, the Creativity Pioneers Fund (CPF) constitutes a unique opportunity to test and learn from a more progressive philanthropic approach based on trust, unrestricted funding, valorization of intersectionality, simple and inclusive paperwork both at the selection process and M&E, and a strong focus on building long-lasting networks and ecosystems.
The CPF consists in a micro-granting scheme that provides unrestricted and unearmarked funding: this allows to shift the decision-making power on the use of funds to the organization because they are best suited to determine how to effectively spend the funds received. Moreover, this model of unrestricted granting enables us to move away from project-based funding, and to support creative organizations in their identity and entirety, preserving their often hybrid and therefore peculiar nature.
Access to funding represents only a starting point for a larger collaboration system, towards a platform model where Moleskine Foundation and its partners act as ecosystem builders.


Inspire a new generation of creative thinkers and doers to change themselves and their communities.
We believe in Creativity for Social Change, and our mission is to inspire youth worldwide to make a difference in their communities.
We support spaces where criticality and imagination can occur, so that novel solutions can be discovered for today’s challenges.

Geographic Focus

Global (Europe, Africa, US, Canada, Mexico)

Programme Areas

– Arts and Culture
– Citizenship
– Social Justice & Public Affairs
– Education

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