Medicor Foundation Landstrasse 11 P. O. Box 130 9495 Triesen Liechtenstein

Medicor Foundation

Medicor Foundation is an independent and charitable foundation based in Liechtenstein. Medicor Foundation is subject to the Liechtenstein Foundation Supervisory Authority (STIFA) and is a founding member of the Association of Charitable Foundations in Liechtenstein.


Medicor Foundation aims to:
• improve the living conditions of vulnerable and disadvantaged people and
• empower them in a sustainable manner.
The donations are financed according to the returns on the investment of the foundation’s capital. The foundation has committed itself to sustainable development and strives to invest its capital in socially and ecologically responsible companies.
Medicor Foundation cultivates a broad network of international and national organisations and institutions, but is not an implementing agency.

Geographic Focus

Africa, Latin America and The Caribbean, and Eastern Europe

Programme Areas

Medicor Foundation focuses on international development. They select convincing projects in the fields of education, health and social care in countries in Africa, Latin America and The Caribbean, as well as in Eastern Europe.

• Education: they support projects promote early child development and improve access and quality of primary and secondary education. Moreover, they fund projects that enable people to develop their professional skills or acquire relevant income generating skills and thereby start their working life.
• Health: they provide funding for preventive and curative interventions with an emphasis on health education, the training of health personnel, as well as the development and maintenance of health infrastructure.
• Social Care: they support projects that provide expert care and counselling, facilitate reintegration into society, and opens awareness and opportunities for a life in dignity and hope.
• Emergency Relief: as a consequence of natural or man-made disasters people continually experience life-threatening situations. Medicor Foundation provides funding for immediate assistance where people are in distress.
• Research: they support, through selected institutions, the applied research of widespread or neglected diseases in developing countries and rare diseases in industrialised countries. Applied research that will contribute to a healthier diet is also considered.

Overall, Medicor Foundation approved 58 projects in 28 countries.

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