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Lutheran World Federation

The LWF was established in 1947 as a Federation of Lutheran churches. Lutherans worldwide wanted to confess, reflect, reconcile and to respond together to human suffering in the aftermath of the Second World War. LWF relates to people in need as their neighbours whom they love and serve and whose dignity they strongly affirm.


The Lutheran World Federation is a widely recognize, international, faith-based organization working through its Department of World Service in over 27 countries. They seek to bring people of all backgrounds in the common quest for justice, peace and reconciliation in an increasingly complex and fragmented world. A commitment to the human rights of every individual, regardless of their status, guides LWF’s work, actions and operations.
Their work is people-centred and community-based. A defining feature is local rootedness and global connectivity, linking local community voices with international dialogue, advocacy and peace work.

Geographic Focus


Programme Areas

‘- Humanitarian and Development interventions
– Refugees, IDPs, Returnees, Statelessness and Host Populations
– Climate Justice
– Child protection
– Livelihoods
– Protection and Social Cohesion
– Quality Services

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