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Kultura Nova Foundation

Kultura Nova Foundation was founded as an answer to the existing situation within the system of culture with the aim of ensuring an efficient measure that would allow for the improvement and further development of the position of civil sector in culture. With the support of the Council of New Media Culture, the idea of a new foundation was presented to the Ministry of Culture, which, after careful consideration, instituted a working group responsible for developing a Draft of the Proposal of the Law on Kultura Nova Foundation. The founding of a special foundation for civil sector in culture was anticipated in the National Program for the Youth for 2009 – 2013 Period. The process of founding Kultura Nova, extending over several years, included representatives of civil society organizations, different state administration bodies, public government bodies and experts, and its purpose, activities, core assets, financing, as well as other regulations concerning the foundation’s activities are defined by the Law on Kultura Nova Foundation which was adopted by the Croatian Parliament in 2011 (Official Gazette of the Republic of Croatia, No. 90/11).


Kultura Nova Foundation provides professional and financial support to civil society organisations in the Republic of Croatia in the fields of contemporary arts and culture.

Geographic Focus

Croatia, Southeastern European Region

Programme Areas

Kultura Nova is an operational and grant making foundation and it provides professional and financial support to civil society (non-governmental and no-profit associations in the fields of contemporary art and culture in Croatia.
The foundation publishes open calls for artistic and cultural project and programme proposals of civil society organizations on an annual basis through its Support Programme that has a number of Programme areas. The Foundation publishes open calls for project and programme proposals on an annual basis. The Support Programme is currently realized through four Programme areas:

Programme area 1: Development Support for Organizations
Programme area 2: Conception and Preparation of New Projects/Programmes
Programme area 3: Development of Cooperation Platforms in the Republic of Croatia
Programme area 4: Development of Cooperation Platforms in Southeastern Europe

Kultura Nova Foundation implements Development programmes and projects within the framework of its operational functioning. Development programmes and projects activities currently include:

– research
– educational programmes
– development of new models of institutions

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