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Körber-Stiftung was established in 1959 by the industrialist and inventor, Dr Kurt A. Körber. Dr Körber founded Hauni-Werke in Hamburg-Bergedorf in 1946, which has since developed into the Körber AG group with 28 companies worldwide. In accordance with his will the foundation became sole shareholder of Körber AG after his death in 1992. The Körber Foundation is politically independent and ideologically neutral.


The Körber Foundation promotes and supports people and initiatives that aims to change the status quo. It focuses on exchange and dialogue, the power of sound arguments and willingness to communicate. By recognising role models, by identifying good examples and by developing paradigms it provides stimuli not only for ideas, but also for actions.

Geographic Focus

Germany, Europe, International

Programme Areas

Through its operational projects, in its networks and in conjunction with cooperation partners, the Körber Foundation takes on current social challenges in areas of action comprising:
– Demographic change,
– Innovation,
– International dialogue.

Demographic Change
If our society is ageing and its origins and lifestyles are becoming more diverse, what implications does this have for our social interaction? How do we create more social justice? How can we recruit new people for the employment market? Who will look after the interests of others if the population is dwindling? The Körber Foundation addresses such issues with its activities, events and publications – and also encourages people to see the opportunities presented by these changes. The Foundation itself is also investigating new and constructive solutions in the light of demographic change: It supports local politics and administration on the path to becoming a demographically strong city and initiates networks for involvement. It promotes the potential of the older generation to employers and presents models for integration and diversity. It promotes citizen participation and brings together civil society, the economy and the state in new alliances. And last but not least, the Körber Foundation operates its own culture and district centre for the participation of the 50 plus generation.

Innovations are prerequisites for the existence and success of modern societies. They ensure their sustainability, form the basis for prosperity and are essential for addressing key problems of humanity. The Körber foundation therefore explores the conditions and processes under which the new emerges, invests in young talent, honours innovative approaches and shapes the framework conditions for a society open to innovation.

International Dialogue
The Körber Foundation is committed to international dialogue and dialogue across political, national and religious boundaries and aims at helping to build bridges to overcome the absence of discussion and to initiate debate.

At present its work focuses on three topics: “Russia in Europe”, “New Working Lifetime” and “Digital Literacy”.

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