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Karel Komarek Family Foundation

Karel Komarek Family Foundation is one of the largest private foundations in the Czech Republic in terms of annual expenditure on foundations grants. The primary focus of the foundation is on public space development, culture, education and protection of the legacy of Antonín Dvořák. However what distinguishes Karel Komarek Family Foundation from their peers is the focus on the process that leads to the final result. i.e. in public space the final transformation is just a tool that they use in order to change the attitude and thinking of the local communities towards their environment.
Karel Komarek Family Foundation empowers people. The Foundation works as their long-term partner, trying to give them courage to believe in themselves and in the possibility of change. The Foundation works very closely with our grantees providing them not only financial support, but also expertise, assistance with communication and future fundraising so that they grow into strong independent entities.


Karel Komarek Family Foundation gives individuals and entire communities the courage to develop their potential, so that they may make their ideas and visions become reality.

Geographic Focus

Czech Republic, United States

Programme Areas

The foundation accepts applications in the following three grant programs:
– long term: The environment, public space nad education
– long term: Culture, education and promotion of the legacy of Antonín Dvořák
– Projects of individuals and groups that advance their own potential or change people’s thinking and approach.
– Current situation needs: Covid, etc.

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