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John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation

John Latsis entrepreneurial activities extended over approximately seven decades from the end of the 1920s to the mid-1990s. His many business activities included agricultural products, industrial goods, petroleum and petroleum products trading, as well as coastal shipping, passenger and commercial deep-sea shipping, petroleum refining, construction, and banking. His entrepreneurial activity was accompanied by numerous public benefit initiatives. Among his first coordinated actions was the creation of the John S. Latsis Ileians’ Scholarships Foundation to assist students from his home region. From 1991 until 2012 the Foundation for the Rehabilitation of Albanians of Greek Descent, established after the opening of the Greek borders with Albania to support Albanians of Greek descent, housed and trained more than 1,000 Albanians of Greek descent from the neighbouring country.
At the same time, he also contributed extensively during emergencies, such as the earthquakes that struck the areas of Kalamata in 1986, Pyrgos, Ileia in 1988, and Grevena in 1995. The Hellenic Fire Brigade, Hellenic Police and the Seamen’s Pension Fund also received large-scale donations.
In 1995, the building complex of the Latsio Elementary School was donated to the HAEF-Athens College; in 2005, two years after the death of John Latsis, the Latsio Burn Centre was completed and integrated into in the Thriasio General Hospital of Eleusis.


The Foundation plans, manages, and funds programmes that cover a broad range of fields, such as education, science, health, social welfare, culture and the environment, in collaboration with civil society partners and key players within these areas. An additional, diversified branch of activities is the operation of the Neraida Floating Museum, which, by offering visitors free access and organising various events, seeks to highlight the maritime and entrepreneurial history of Greece, familiarise youth with the maritime profession, and promote environmental awareness.
The Foundation’s approach to grant-making prioritises the emergency relief of citizens in need, infrastructural improvement, NGO capacity building and community development, academic and research output reward, and highlighting of the cultural wealth of Greece.

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Quality of education
access to education
social welfare
public health
community development
science and research

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